We machine all parts to a standard tolerance of available 0.005", Tighter tolerances are available upon request






Our CNC Turning service is available in a wide range of materials, we use high precision state of the art equipment to manufacture one offs, short, and mid run production of your parts.   Our live tooling Y axis lathes can produce  features with a single setup resulting in a cost saving production solution.




Maxim Stock Diameter: 8"(plastic) 6.75" (Metal)  

Minimum Stock diameter:0.125"

Maxim Part Length: 9.0"

Minimum Part Length: 0.05"



Minimum Hole size

  • On-axis and axial: 0.04" (1mm)
  • Radial: 0.08 in (2mm)


  • Minimum OD groove width: 0.047 in
  • Maximum OD groove depth: 0.95 in (24.1mm) defendant on groove width

Threaded Features

  • OD Threads: up to 3"
  • ID Threads: up to 1"
  • We can thread mill internal threads up to 2" diameter on shorter parts
  • Threaded inserts up to 1"

Sharp inside corners will likely need to be radiused, sharp corners can be achieved with custom tooling if required