We offer both custom and production casting of your designs.

Our JZ pressure over vacuum casting machine combined with 32 years of experience  producing superior quality castings guarantees you excellent results each and every cast.




Second only to a perfect master model, the mold is the most critical step in the quest for superior quality castings. Our fine quality RTV compounds produce molds that reproduce the finest details with excellent resolution and less than 3 % shrinkage




At ARTTECH  we create most of our own alloys casting the following metals:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Bronze
  • Shibuichi
More than just CASTING
We are Eco friendly:
Quality Control


Arttech casting utilizes sophisticated X-Ray fluorescence analysis

to check the purity and quality of each casting. Sulfur, phosphorus and silicon are carefully monitored to ensure the finest possible metal quality. Castings from Arttech are porosity free, have ultra fine surfaces with minimal parting lines.

  • SCS certified Gold and Silver available
  • Most alloys are 100% recyclable
  • X-Ray Analysis of all metals

Our personalized friendly service combined with state of the art equipment and advanced engineering are dedicated to producing the highest quality products possible. This makes Arttech your best choice for manufacturing whether you need a single piece perfectly made or a high quality production run.

Arttech offers a wide range of services including:

3d Printing of plastic, metal, and castable models.

CNC milling and turning both 3 & 5 axis in a wide variety of metals.

Solidworks CSW certified mechanical design service

CNC consulting

Pneumatic & Robotic assembly

Tig welding and induction brazing