Alloy selection is critical factor in the production of fine porosity free castings. A key element in our innovative process is our expert use of De-Ox alloys. These metals cast with denser grain structures and reduced oxidization. The resulting  castings have  minimal porosity and finer finishes that provide a superior quality casting. All of our alloys are mixed in house for the higest degree of quality control


Yellow Gold Alloys

Fancy Color Alloys

White Gold Alloys

  • 24K .9999 Fine
  • 22k Royal Deox
  • 18K Royal Deox
  • 14K Rich Yellow
  • 10K Deox
  • 18k white nickel
  • 18k white palladium
  • 14k white nickel
  • 14k white palladium

  • 18K Green Gold
  • 14K Green Gold
  • 10K Green Gold
  • 19K Rose Gold
  • 14K Rose Gold

Silver Alloys

  • Fine Silver .999
  • De-Ox Sterling - Fire scale Free
  • 3.5% Platinum Sterling Silver

Platinum Alloys

  • 950 Pt/Ru

Palladium Alloy

  • 950 Pd/Ru
Low Cost Alloys

  • #34 Brass/bronze color match base metal for 14K yellow gold
  • Everdur, traditional sculpture yellow bronze when you prefer a patina
  • NEW!! Corinthian Silver low cost alternative to sterling that is close in color to sterling at a lower cost. Contains approx. 35% fine silver
Premium Alloys

With our COLOR MATCH service we can duplicate the color and composition of any gold alloy. Please e-mail or call to find out more. Minimum order required.